2010 Epsom Handicap Results

October 2nd, 2010

The 2010 Epsom Handicap was an exciting run until the very end, with Captain Sonador taking the race late in the run and then holding position ahead of Trusting.

Trusting managed a close second, running hard against Captain Sonador until the very end. If the race had been just the slightest bit longer, this might have been a different story, but Trusting just did not have it in him today.

Third place was a photo finish that gave Sacred Choice the place. The last few 300 metres were hotly contested, and none were far out from the pack by the end.

The full 2010 Epsom Handicap results are:

  1. Captain Sonador
  2. Trusting
  3. Sacred Choice
  4. Hidden Wonder
  5. Prince Braeman
  6. Black Piranha
  7. Centennial Park
  8. Dealer Principal
  9. Leica Larrikin
  10. Neeson
  11. Firebolt
  12. Danleigh
  13. Doubtful Jack
  14. Bay Window
  15. Once Were Wild
  16. Keepin’ The Dream
  17. Returntosender
  18. Sainthood
  19. Cannonball
  20. Snapy Halo
  21. Syreon

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